Our project emphasizes limitless creativity, blurring the lines between final output and ongoing evolution, and promoting holistic growth guided by principles of communication, documentation, humility, action, reflection, environmental consciousness, and global collaboration

✶ Is the narration between each participant, focusing on the alignment of concepts and practice through creative ways of narration.
✶ Virtual and real material for research work and cross references to other people’s work (inside / outside of the group).
✶ Collected material, which is used for the work, non-virtual things, can be as well created throughout the Development of projects.
✶ Precise process for the development of specific projects, sketches etc.
✶ Finalized Projects of a creative person: can be further developed and are then back in development stage.
✶ Tim Keuschnig is an Austrian/German Fashion Designer, living in Berlin. He studied at the University of the Arts Berlin and the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris fashion design. Working early on his brand Concluded fosters his interest in collaboration and which formed the next program, Collaborative Narratives.
✶ Yu Lu is a performance artist originally from China. After studying fashion at the Esmod Berlin she transferred her practice into the fine arts. There she is exploring the field of labor and concentrating her practice and master thesis on the Topic of the Female Plumber.
✶ Till Zettl is a hairdresser who formed his practice at the globally renowned Salon Sassoon in Munich, he continued to work on for various prestige haircutters in Munich and moved to Berlin in 2023 to start at Kurkowitz.
✶ Paula Breuer is Painter from West Germany who studied Fine Arts at Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin and held various exhibition about her work across Europe.
✶ Anton Floth is an Austrian cook who took his formation under the renowned restaurant Mraz & Sohn in Vienna. After moving he moved to Berlin to start working at Barra Berlin. He works as Sue Chef and the field of contemporary food. His next endeavor is to work for Stoke a famous Yakitori Restaurant which works between Bangkok and Berlin.